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...according to the Foundation there was another organization known as the Red Coterie....

.....that also ostensibly collected Keys to use in defense of humanity against the Outsiders..

Two factions, one goal. ' Secrets in Scarlet' by Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells is a an anthology, part of the Arkham Horror series which explores the dangerous work in keeping the the world safe from dangerous beings, super natural threats outer dimension aliens and the unknown. Set in the 1920's The Foundation and Red Coterie collect special items to help them in this fight.

Even though they have the same cause the members of the Red Coterie do not always have the best intentions and use the power from the special items for their own gain.

Some of my favorite parts of this anthology involved the ongoing battle between both factions. In some of the stories we had The Foundation hunting down members of the Red Coterie due to their involvement in other crime or a race against time to get to certain items.

The anthology starts with 'The Man in the Bubble' which is one of my favorite and had me hooked, this story was short and compact but also had a lot of intrigue and danger as the reader gets introduced to the world . It left me yearning for more after the story ended as I wanted to know what happened next.

The Lady with the red parasol was one of my favorite characters, she felt like such a dangerous threat when she was introduced and a formidable enemy. She had a supernatural ability which I wished was explored more.

Lastly Strange Things Done was another favorite story of mine, the mystery surrounding the journalist on the ship was fantastic and kept me on edge. It was also an opportunity to see a member of the Red Coterie who was not as sinister as their other team members.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this anthology, all the stories were different but had the main theme of supernatural occurrences and events which at times was scary to read however very enjoyable. Familiar characters and names appeared throughout all the stories which made it feel like one continuous adventure.

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