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...but Agnes is not and never been, a saint.

They say blood is thicker then water but family ties in the Bryant household run more transparent and Agnes Ashford gets swept away by the tides. Agnes a young woman with her own past, little education but a quick mind came to work for Alastair Bryant the Baron of Willoughby, during this time became a close confidant of Helen Bryant his wife.

Bought on as an archivist to capture and record the family history, her time spent at Hartfell Hall pulls her into societal disputes and family secrets. Agnes's stay with the Bryant family leads to a serious of events that test both her loyalty, and question her morals as she toes a dangerous line, in which her professional service and personal interests blur.

When hard times eventually fall on the family and things start to look desperate, Agnes does what ever it takes to protect whats dear to her, however this ultimately leads to losing the one she loves.

This is a absorbing and brilliant historical fiction set along the backdrop of early 20th century Britain, not only do we delve into the complicated family drama with the Bryant's but entwines the events of the times making it feel much more realistic. Annabel also went to great lengths to research backgrounds and based some of the character plots on real cases which gave it that extra layer of realism.

I thoroughly enjoyed Lying with Lions, from the twist and the turns to the deceit. There were some great revelations and payoffs. and some characters that felt like villains in the beginning turned out to be saviors. I was intrigued with the Bryants and the extended family that followed, each member shrouded in their own troubles and had difficult paths to take.

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