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...but its important shes knows everything before we embark on our own trip to Italy.

I just hope she can handle it.

These were the words Jenny thought before she embarked on her tale that took her from Green Meadows Senior living back 79 years in time to a small village in Wales. After celebrating a milestone birthday Jenny reflects on her life and more importantly an event she cannot miss.

At the senior home Candice one of the careers agrees to accompanying Jenny, on her trip believing this is the right thing to do however Jenny cannot wait to get Candice away from her 'gentleman' of a boyfriend Beau.

Kathryn Hughes 'The Memory Box' spins a beautiful tale of love, hardship and survival as Jenny and Candice embark on the journey of a lifetime through memories of the past and moments in the present. As the older woman accounts her story she see's glimpses of her past manifesting in Candice's life and tries her best to stear her towards clearer waters.

This was an amazing story and a joy to read, the story telling felt so comfortable that it swept you in and made it hard to put down. Each turn, and step of Jenny's story was built up perfectly which eventually lead to the tragedy we experience later on- everything was important. The story it self was fiction but real life events had carried some parts of the plot which gave it another level of realism.

The characters we meet were all fun and some equally detestable but overall were a great addition. Some of my favorite parts include the friendship between Jenny and Candice which evolved over the course of the book along with Candice's growth.

Another favorite was at certain times Jenny seems to break the forth wall as is she is talking directly to the reader and at one point Candice thinks she is talking to herself.

When the story follows Jenny in the present its all from her POV until the end when it shifts to Candice's which is a nice indication that Jenny's story is finished. What made Kathryn's story further enjoyable were the plot twits and revelations. Some I was eased into but there were other great reveals which had me jumping out of my seat.

Overall this was a fantastic book, Kathryn has a way to draw you in and immense into the world of these characters. There were sad times coupled with great moments which had me smiling from ear to ear.

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