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..Maybe when I touched that ring, it transported me back in time.... Ridiculous.

Gwen short for Guinevere was like any other 24 year old, leading a normal existence with boyfriend Nathan before she dropped ( literally) into 5th Century Medieval Britain. As her dark age reality started to sink in she began to realise she may actually be a certain 'Queen Guinevere ' of Arthurian legend, being set up for marriage to fulfill a prophecy.

Gwen had grew up with the stories regarding King Arthur as her father was an avid fan and scholar of the Legend. The enthusiasm was spread through the family as Gwens twin brother was named Arthur after the young Pendragon.

As a young girl she visted Glastonbury Tor also known as Isle of Avalon (King Arthurs final resting place). On one particular trip she encountered Merlin for the first time unbeknownist to her she was the 'One' and he kept a close eye on the young Gwen.

When Gwen comes back as an adult to scatter her fathers ashes she comes into contact with Merlin again and a mysterious ring. While investigating, Gwen touches the ring which transports her to the Tor back when it was known as Ynys Witrin.

Fil Reid brings 21st century girl into a medival world in this amazing first installment of the Guinevere series; Guinevere: The Dragon Ring. It was fun reading Gwens experience to her new surroundings, as she navigated an era that was a stark contrast to her own.

The research that went into this book is evident as Fil has you back in time exploring rural Britain, and glimpses of what life was like after the collapse of the roman empire.

I am not too familair with all of King Arthurs stories but Fil helped bridge the gap on any knowledge I was missing or did not know prior going into this book. The places, the characters and even the family issues within Arthurs own family was both intriguing and insightful.

One of the things I liked was how Fil weaves history and fiction, Gwen kept questioning the exsistence of Arthur as a whole, since historians cannot confirm if was real but the events that involved him were.

Gwen meets an Arthur before he was King, before he pulled the sword out the stone, to a warrior with a strained relationship with his Father and Brother.

She wants nothing more, than to get back home to the comforts of the modern world but to her dismay she is part of a prophecy which sees Arthur lead Britain in defeating the Saxons.

Overall I really enjoyed reading the Dragon Ring, the plot was set up perfectly in the build up to Arthurs future battles and Gwens purpose. I like how we had the gradual build up of romantic tension between Gwen an Arthur and ultimately the choice Gwen had to make at the end.

The story is far from over and I am really excited for the next installment from Fil.

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