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'These many years later, I began to set down the extraordinary events around Hamish’s departure.....

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

from this world. But I had not written two pages before I realised that no one would believe the account.'

This is part of the opening foreword by Dr Menzies as he goes over what he experienced with Hamish the tinker. The story of Hamish is one of four short stories by Charles N. Palmer and belongs to the collection:

'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Sailor'.


Each story is a mix of folklore, magic and tradition as Charles captures our imaginations on each quest, and the only bad thing about the stories; it left me wanting more.


Follows the account of Hamish a mysterious man that appeared one day in a mining town. Not only was his attire questionable but he was drawn to mysterious girl that appeared inside a pool up in the mountains. This was no mere coincidence as Hamish felt like he had met her before.


Joachim an experienced tailor could not be more happy after the birth of his daughter, but before long he realises there is something not quite right with the baby. Its not long until he finds himself at the mercy of monsters he has only heard in fairy tails and using the power of his mind and his wits fights to get back something precious.


Erik and Hundi two soldiers of war are making there way back home after fighting a grueling battle however not completely safe as they are also being pursed by the enemy. Running low on resources they come across a cottage to seek refuge. The residents of the household are welcoming but immediately things seem off. Erik cannot shake this feeling the longer both men are at the cottage and in the end he finds out why.


Jago had lost his wife during childbirth, his wife meant the world to him and this loss had created a resentment towards Alis their daughter. When she is taken from his side Jago does everything in his power to get her back however he is presented with a choice that ultimately reveals his true nature.


I really loved all the stories in this collection, I did not see the twists coming, the endings were perfect and even a little open ended allowing the reader to finish the tale.

The 'Tinker' was my favorite and even though they were short they still kept me entertained, intrigued and above all I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

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