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All fair in writing and chaos

 Well well well, This will be a quick update regarding the *ahem ahem book* the good news its continue the not so good news its really f***ing hard to finish. The conception and idea for a story comes to gether so well but then I struggle to follow through ( le sigh). On the bright side the writing is still continuing and getting down, but I get so excited with story ideas that I start a new story when my current one is no where near complete. ( That is a post for another day)! Untill then Ill be back to rant some more about "not" writing. Deeqa 

Hello again

 Hi All Deeqa here, I have moved my blog to blogger and will slowly be transfering all my old posts onto here too. I hope to also bring ( as before) oringal writing peicies and author updates regarding my writing and poetry.